M. Cole Chilton

A branded content series for Microsoft initially published through Discovery/Group Nine Media highlighting one fun, undiscovered attraction in each of the fifty states.

I was Director of Photography on all episodes, but given the nature of the remote locations I'd often write the first few drafts of the scripts in addition to my shot list since I was the eyes on the ground.

Highlights from the Facebook release of the series.

  • 50 million views total and counting on Facebook.
  • Averaged 1.68 million views per episode.
  • More than a quarter of a million engagements.

Director // DP 

Microsoft had the amazing (and in retrospect nearly impossible) idea to make one short, cinematic (but fun!) documentary branded content film in each of the fifty states, and I was fortunate enough to take this on after the pilot was given feedback. 

For two years of my life I told stories about glaciers, volcanoes, space shuttles, manatees, hot air balloons, and so many other things that represent the fun side of America.