Reel Editing and Production

Having cast many, many actors myself for both narrative and commercial roles, I have watched thousands and thousands of reels so when I'm editing or producing an actor's reel, I'm thinking like a casting director. 

Exact packages differ for each actor since everyone is coming from a unique situation, but most end up including one or more of the following: 

Short Reel Editing (2 min or less)... depending on the footage provided this could include some basic color correction, sound editing, subtitles, animation, and/or transitions to help the reel stand out... starting at $250

Long Reel Editing (2 min or more)... most useful when you have a few solid scenes that you want to showcase with artfully designed intros, transitions, and credits... starting at $400

Monologue Filming (studio backdrop)... color correction and grading included, and perfect for making the leap from theater to film/tv/video or to expand the types of roles and characters casting directors might consider you for... starting at $400.  

Narrative Scene Production (single location)... cast yourself in exactly the type of role you want, and I'll write, shoot, and edit a short scene for you that will look and feel like it's taken from a leading role. Between myself and my most frequent collaborators/crew we can easily cover just about any genre: comedy, kids/family, and drama are all possible... starting at $900


Headshots (studio)... I use the same techniques as the photo editors who work on the covers of Vanity Fair, W, and Vogue, but I use them far more tastefully to help present the world with "You on your best day." But more important than software are cinematic lighting, a smile, and someone behind the camera who is shooting not just to capture your image, but instead to highlight it... starting at $400 for two "looks."